ward-circleAn inviting and dynamic quality of life coupled with a strong pool of local talent to tap into make Manhattan a great location to start a business. CivicPlus takes great pride in hiring military veterans, having a robust paid internship program, and sponsoring many Kansas State scholastic, athletic, and performing arts events and programs. These kinds of opportunities only exist within a city that embraces and fosters an adaptable and entrepreneurial mindset.

Ward Morgan, Owner, CivicPlus


Kansas Wheat Commission chose to locate in Manhattan because of the unique proximity to Kansas State University and USDA research and extension expertise. Manhattan creates unique opportunities not just in the U.S., but in the world, to bring together all segments of our industry.

Justin Gilpin, CEO, Kansas Wheat

bonnie-circleThe commissioning of NBAF will place a global spotlight on Manhattan as the world’s preeminent location for research on emerging, zoonotic and high impact animal diseases that are not currently in the United States.

Dr. Bonnie Rush, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University


K-State is able to analyze and develop solutions for industry, and industry can provide K-State with cutting edge ideas and technology to advance biosecurity solutions.

Dr. Marty Vanier, Director, National Agricultural Biosecurity Center


The K-State College of Veterinary Medicine has research expertise and resources focused on creating new technologies for preventing, diagnosing, and treating domestic and foreign livestock diseases. Basic scientists are committed to improving the understanding of human diseases through NIH-funded research and applied research groups are creating new technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of domestic animals and wildlife. Future near-term opportunities to collaborate with industry include development of next generation vaccines and diagnostics for endemic, emerging, zoonotic, and foreign animal diseases.

Dr. Bonnie Rush, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University

ward-circleFort Riley and Kansas State University provide a strong network of highly qualified professionals, training opportunities, and collaborative partnerships. This growing pipeline of diverse thinking and backgrounds allows us to be more responsive to the future of work and the clients we serve.

Ward Morgan, Owner, CivicPlus

The facilities that K-State and NBAF will make available will provide a unique set of expertise and resources that do not occur anywhere else. If you want to study African swine fever virus or specific plant diseases that do not occur in the United States, Manhattan is the only place where you can do it.”

Willie Valdivia, CEO, Orion Biosciences