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top10top30The Greater Manhattan Economic Partnership’s business-friendly environment, agricultural innovation expertise and world-class research capacity make us something special. Our region is unlike any other place you’re considering.

Home to Kansas State University, a land-grant institution and Big XII member, this region in between the coasts is exactly where your next site should be. For a century and a half, we’ve leveraged our location (and our 58,000 citizens’ Midwestern work ethic) to become the center of the biodefense world, a leader in crop and grain innovations, and a premier cluster of agricultural expertise.

As the USDA National Bio and Agro-Defense Facililty (NBAF) prepares to begin opening with the first BSL-4 laboratory in the U.S. capable of housing cattle and other livestock, our region will further cement itself as the anchor of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. Greater Manhattan will become a critical research nexus to combat zoonotic diseases, create diagnostics and treatments, and develop animal vaccines, bringing together public and private entities to combat the next global pandemic.

We have:

  • Efficient accessibility via interstates and fast commutes on an excellent state highway system, with direct daily flights to Chicago and Dallas
  • Existing and in-progress research and office park space with proximity to state and federal research facilities
  • A long history of profitable cooperation among the regional business community, local governments, nonprofits and educational institutions, resulting in a progressive business ecosystem
  • The vibe of both a small Midwestern city and a Power Five university town, with affordable housing, low crime, a priority on education and tons of athletic and cultural opportunities

Check out our numbers and investigate our sites. Take a look at what the Greater Manhattan, Kansas, region has to offer and then get in touch today!

Jason Smith, president and CEO, Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce

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